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Urban Planning


Property Construction/Renovation

Are you planning to build or renovate your property?
You need to get a building permit before you start. Allow thirty (30) days for request review and permit issuance.

Important Reminder: Do not start your work… without the required permits. Permits are compulsory for any construction or renovation work.

You can obtain the request forms at City Hall, we can mail them to you or you can download them from our website under the Permitstab.

When in doubt, check with the Director of Building-Environment and Planning at the City.

Temporary Shelters

Temporary shelters are allowed from October 15 to May 15 each year. Outside that period, they must be taken down, removed and stored. They will not be allowed outside that period.

Urbanism Bylaw

Urban planning bylaws are within the coverage of the law. Violation may give rise to prosecution.

Director of Building-Environment and Planning

Considering the busy schedule of the director, especially at peak periods, we recommend that you make an appointment instead of showing up. This way, you will avoid waiting or even a return visit.

Please call the receptionist at 819-428-3906 extension 1801 to make an appointment.

You may want to check the following websites:

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The committee has five (5) members,nominated by City Council. At least two (2) committee members must also be city councillors. The committee composition must be representative of the municipality’s different geographic sectors, as much as possible.

The quorum of the committee is three (3) members and one (1) member of the board present.

Members of the PAC are:

Mr René Langevin, President, citizen

Mrs Michèle Quenneville, citizen

Mr Jean-Guy Maillé, citizen

Mr Pierre Blais, citizen

Mr Jean-François David, counselor

Mrs Louise Houle Richard, counselor

Mr Jacques Maillé, the mayor, is part of all commitees

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