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Citizens Services - Waste


The summer schedule starts the first week of May and removal is on Tuesday each week.


Schedule for removal of waste and recyclable matters for the Municipality of Lac-Simon


Check the Recyc-Québec website for information on collection sites for dangerous household waste and electronic equipment.

Equally check with:


The role of the Director of Waste and Recyclable Matters, Mr. Thierry Desormeaux, is to supervise the team managing waste and recycling and to ensure that they comply with all the standards from CSST and all present laws and regulations. The Municipalities of Lac-Simon and Chénéville are collaborating on the removal of waste and recyclable material and on transporting them to the site of Régie Intermunicipale Argenteuil Deux-Montagnes.

For more information, please contact:

Thierry Desormeaux, Director of Waste and Recyclable Matters

819-428-3906, ext. 1875

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