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Are you planning to build or renovate your property?
You need to get a building permit before you start. Allow thirty (30) days for request review and permit issuance.

Important Reminder: Do not start your work… without the required permits. Permits are compulsory for any construction or renovation work.

Following are request forms for a few compulsory permits:

You can obtain the request forms at City Hall, we can mail them to you, or you can download them from our website under the Permits tab.

Please check Bylaw number 447-2012 for 2013 rates on goods, services and activities in the Municipality of Lac-Simon.

Check the bylaw

The work schedule for the Director of Building-Environment and Planning, Mr. Éric Bordeleau, has been changed for summertime. He will also work on Saturdays from May 10 to the end of September 2014.

It is recommended to make an appointment with Mr. Éric Bordeleau at 819-428-3906 extension 1805.

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